I ran into this friend of mine the other day and he had me talking about life and age and one question led to another and he ended up asking me if I would wanna live till I was a hundred. My first reaction, I believe like most people, was ‘yeah, I’d like to see myself hit a century!’ But later that very question led me to ponder deeper on how it really should be when it came to ‘living’. ‘To live’ as a concept has long been given a lot of definitions. Its literal meaning goes more or less to continue to be alive or have life.

ኣምላኽ ኣይፈቐዶን

ኣንቲ ጸሓየይ፣ ኣንቲ ምብራቓ ልበይ

ኣንቲ ሕልመይ፣ ሕመረት ሓሳበይ

ኣንቲ መዝሙር ልበይ፣ ብምልኣት ዝውድሳ

ኣንቲ ዓዳሚት ስቓየይ፣ እናነባዕኩ ዝወቕሳ

ኣንቲ ብሞጎስ ዝሓስባ፣ ዘልዕላ ብኽብሪ

ኣንቲ ብዕጫይ ዝኸሳ፣ ብቕትለት ንጹሕ ፍቕሪ

ኣንቲ ናይ ህይወተይ ህያብ፣ ኣንቲ ለዋህ ፍጥረት

ኣንቲ ወጽዓይ፣ ልበይ ዝሰበረት

ኣንቲ ዘይትክኣ፣ ንዘልኣለም ዝፈትዋ

ኣንቲ ዘይድህስሳ፣ ኣብ ሰማይ ልበይ ዘማዕድዋ

ጋህዲ ሕልሚ ፍቕሪ ብንጽሑ

ስግንጢር ባህሪ ዓለም ብጉሉሑ

ኣላሊኺ ንድንግል ልበይ

ከምዘይከድኪ ራሕሪሕክኒ በይነይ

ኣይንዓይ ኣይንዓኺ

ሕጂ ሰንፈላል ትስርሒ እንታይ ኮንኪ ኢኺ?


In a certain occasion

You took my heart innocent and virgin

You might not believe

But I am falling in love

Rather a pretty girl

So smart, wise as well

Uninvited though to this deal

In the depth of my heart

You imprinted your seal

I believe

When we equally love

We strive

To have more of what we have

To the one and only LOVE.

Day in day out