Heart Studio

In a certain occasion

You took my heart innocent and virgin

You might not believe

But I am falling in love

Rather a pretty girl

So smart, wise as well

Uninvited though to this deal

In the depth of my heart

You imprinted your seal

I believe

When we equally love

We strive

To have more of what we have

To the one and only LOVE.

Day in day out

Life in consciousness

We endeavor to become better

Impacting our now and future

True would be our vibration

Advancing our network our connection...

Oh yes, when we strive

Through the power of love

Things and thoughts improve

Nature leading the drive


The depth of the bliss

That my heart chants

A tenderly masterpiece

My role to follow it

My heart playing a dual role 

… An artist and a space  

Waiting for your care

With growing hanker

Look not, afar and beyond

Here I am on the crossroad

Where you shall meet your soul

And me the faithful!