Let Me Be Your Canvas

So beautiful so bright

Oh, within forests of darkness a candle of light

Lily flowers of love in my heart

 Illumination to the stages of a new universe

Abundance of honesty and innocence 

Navigator to the ultimate reality

A Conscious Ship of mine to Eternity

You are my dream in Reality

The long awaited accompany,

 Accompany to actuality, safety and security.

Illustration by TKL.YMN, Let Me Be Your Canvas

My dear,

Let me be your Canvas

Stroke me with your brush

Out of the world of hush and rush

Paint your consciously mixed colors

Upon me,

Let me be your Canvas

Stroke me with your dreams

You are a colorful beauty

A thinker, a poet, a painter

A psychologist, a philosopher

Authentic lover, trusted partner

A MOTHER and caretaker

A preacher, a counselor …

It is too much to mention everything here;

Oh, my dear,

Promise me one thing

‘Let Me be your Canvas’

Stroke me affectionately

Let me feel the lashes of the bristles,

Bristles of your brush

Upon me,

From the combinations

Out of your primary dreams

Find me,

Comprehend me, trust me

Threads of my existence

Won’t betray your dreams

Just stroke me with confidence

If you find tiny holes

Glue me, fix me, and then stroke freely

But consciously

Don’t forget to frame and display me 

Not in the public museums,

But in the studios of your HEART!

_Last modified on May 2, 2017