to live in love

I was sobbing in the dark alone
I looked and searched but no one seemed to be around
I always thought I could make it all out on my own.
But facing the truth of being alone
had made me lose faith, love & hope.
I held out my hand hoping for someone to come hold me up

I felt my world crashing
For the first time in my life I admitted
that all the things I have dreamed off
Were all for nothing.
After all I realized I was just a mere human being
I had made plans for ten years from now
Even though I don't know what tomorrow may bring.

Dum dum dum dum dum …
I heard something like footsteps
As it was getting ......closer and.....closer
The sound became clear and I started to fear
My face got washed with tear
I can feel my whole body tremble.

It suddenly stopped when I closed my eyes
And hoped for someone to stand by my side
Then all I could hear was my hard breathe
I tried to get up gathering all my strength
When I opened my eyes wide
found myself lying on my bed
Praise to God it was just a dream
A dream so clear and vivid.

Sunrise 2

‘Everything happens for a reason’
I began to understand it's meaning
This actually wasn't only just a dream
But a journey of discovery which gave me a vision
That life wasn't all about just living.

In fact it's more about LOVING
Let's try to live for today and wish for tomorrow
Because we were given only one chance...... to live once
Even now, it's never too late to our loved ones
To tell them that we love them
And show them that we care coz it's obvious
We cannot go on without them


These three words will change our life for eternity
From the bottom of our heart
Let's never hesitate to use them daily!