No matter

What others talk about me


How they judge me


How they see me

I am always me

And that's all I can be!

How long should I try to straighten things

Worrying about rumors

Those never give sense

Trying to reveal my deeds

To assure my innocence

That does it!! Let me just go with myself

I am free and I want to live my life…

I am fed up listening

People’s validations

As they are ceaseless

Like the streams

As diverse as the stars

Full of arrogance

Boring and helpless

All in all

Utter nonsense                                                                                                             

Let alone their perception  

Despite their evaluation

I am just all ears

To what my mind tells

Never stand ill views

Only believe

What my heart says!

So as long as I am on earth

With goals to accomplish

Accidents to face

Desires to harvest

On their way to persist


I will always tend to be ……

A man of reality

With full of sympathy

Higher competency

Utter humanity

Eternal serenity

That’s what makes me happy

Regardless what others perceive me

I am me, it is me and that's all I can be!!!

                               BY LIDYA HABTEGERISH

                                    ORROTA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND DENTAL MEDICINE

                                    ASMARA, ERITREA