Slavery is said to be entirely abolished in the twentieth century. However, that is far from true, because what I see is slavery in its newest form. It still exists to this moment and will continue until God knows when. The people, who are worshiping the Western world, are becoming the slaves of those countries that are playing a role in the ‘corporatocracy’. They are letting their lives become dependent on those particular societies. They have thrown away their cultures and their true identities to follow those of others.

Girls in Asmara spend most of their time and energy on looking like Beyoncé or Rihanna hoping the guy next door or the one at work will notice them. Boys and sadly men watch European football leagues and waste a large amount of time, energy and money on them. I am not judging my fellow people by saying this; I mean everything they are doing is all a trend of the human life. Nevertheless, it should never cross a certain limit. Some men get into serious fights over a European football game and some girls lose themselves trying to look like celebrities. I am sorry to say this but that is pitiful. “It’s like we are spreading our umbrellas to hide from the rain that is falling in other countries,” the wise would say.

Our surrender to these elements that are thrown in our paths serves the real intentions of those who are craving for a global empire. What they are doing is creating ways by which people of the under developed and developing nations spend less time, energy, and money on working, reading and doing something more useful to develop their nations. This, I can tell you for a fact, is the whole purpose of the dominant countries, who we think, are providing us with this whole system that seems so innocent. It is their way of outdoing us in the journey to development. They are getting into our heads and controlling our ways of thinking and doing things. If we really opened our eyes and ears we would realize that there is nothing but wickedness behind it all.

 I would say the Western world has created the most dangerous weapon that can lead to a cultural genocide all over the world. They don’t need bullets to kill us they have already made us part of the deceased just by manipulating and out-maneuvering us. More cultures have become extinct and they have now become lost to us; heritages are being discarded like old shoes by many societies. Those of us in the developing and under developed nations have become the puppets of those whose cultures we have accepted.

Ancient Greeks wanted to enhance their own laws and develop them. Hence, they studied the then Roman law and incorporated it into their own in a way that would serve their setting.  They did not use the laws word for word, what they did was, understand their context and alter them to fit their situations. Are we doing the same with the foreign cultures we are incorporating in our lives?

The sad thing is had we tried to understand and use the culture of the West as a whole, by looking at its framework, we would at least have their enthusiasm to work and their strategies to develop. Fortunately that would have made their scheme back fire on them. However, they have only fed us the developments that they have created by their intelligence and left out the part that led them to such advancements. Hence, instead of seeing the ‘foundation’ of it all the only thing we see is the ‘top floor’; we are too dumbfounded by the marvels at the top floor that we are not at all eager to study the foundation.

So yes, culture does exist in this era but only in the dictionary. One cannot be sure anymore of what culture really is. Is it what we have so carelessly erased from our lives? Or is it what the Western world is feeding us as ‘culture’? Because what we have taken from them is just a ‘portion’ (this I guess is the most appropriate word) of their culture. My advice, well if I must spell it out to you I would tell you to be careful!!! Don’t swallow everything that the Western world is feeding you. Your culture is what makes you who you are so don’t be too quick to throw away your true identity. Keep in mind that the dominant countries have the ultimate goal of making the world a puppet show that they will administer and manipulate. Try not to be a puppet but a master at that show.