Global Cultural Genocide

This century that we are living in symbolizes globalization and modernization. It is an era where culture exists only in the dictionary. The kind of culture that I am talking about is the culture which is described as the basic and initial pattern that includes people’s beliefs, rules of behavior, language, rituals, art, styles of dress, ways of producing and cooking food, religion, and political and economic systems since time immemorial. I believe that culture can be viewed in two different manners. The first one is the one that I just mentioned and the second manner of viewing it is as the new ways of practicing the notions mentioned above. These new ways may result from the changes that people learn or create through time, and in the end these changes are practiced so often that they become the pattern of life. Am I being confusing? Well look at it this way; according to the first notion culture is the pattern that a group of people inherit from generation to generation; let’s call it ‘old’ culture. It is the concept that pops in our mind when we hear the word culture, something primitive, and historical. However, culture can also be viewed in the second idea, as a bunch of patterns of behavior that we adopt with time; and this is the ‘new’ culture. Development and evolution occur consistently and circumstances change frequently, if not always; thus, a society may introduce a new behavior to harmonize with the new situations and to blend in with the world. The behavior may either be created from within or it may result from external influence of other cultures. After being used and applied several times by a community it is recognized as a pattern of their behavior; hence, it becomes their culture. The different periods of history can justify this fact as humans gradually changed from savages to civilized beings. Hence, in this sense culture is dynamic. Changing patterns and introducing new cultures into one society may be to their advantage but it also has a down side. The basic identities of people are their cultures and the changing patterns and introductions of foreign cultures may smudge their true identities. Rapid changes in technology in the last several decades have changed the nature of culture and cultural exchange. People around the world can make economic transactions and transmit information to each other almost instantaneously through the use of computer networks and satellite communications. Governments and corporations have gained vast amounts of political power through military might and economic influence. Corporations have also created a form of global culture based on worldwide commercial markets. Everything we receive from the dominant and powerful nations is oriented to deceive us and play us into their greedy hands. In these nations; corporations, economy, and politics are inter-twined and wrapped up in a single greed machine that some like to call ‘corporatocracy’. It is a conspiracy masked by superficial development programs, which appear innocent. It includes almost everybody and yet it seems to include no one. Nobody involved in corporations and government is in fact blameless; each and every one of them is knowingly or unknowingly involved. Bewildering right? Local culture and social structure are now shaped by large and powerful commercial interests. Many anthropologists have become interested in how dominant societies can shape the culture of less powerful societies, a process some researchers call cultural hegemony. As a result unique smaller societies have been adopting Western commercial cultures. One example is Eritrea. I mean look around Asmara, you see people wearing Italian or American brand-name clothing, using technological products of the West, watching Hollywood produced movies and listening to English music more often than Tigrigna music. Almost every person is possessed by and obsessed with foreign products and the cultures of the Western world. The wealthy and powerful countries of the Western world, whose main purpose and dream is to have a global empire by controlling the minds and conquering the lives of every human being on earth, are spreading their cultures in the globe intentionally. Unfortunately, most of the people in the world have been absorbed into this ridicules but dangers scheme. Almost every boy or girl; man or woman has become a slave of this huge corrupted system that the dominant societies are using to prosper in the world. These countries are continuing the expansionist and dominance view that the ancient empires brought to life; except, their means of achieving it is not through war but through mental manipulation. They are expanding their empire and trapping people under their influence by manipulating them and controlling their minds. They figured swords and strength did no good for the ancient empires; thus, they resided to mind control. As they predicted people are not forcefully but willingly falling at their feet.