CKC Expo 2015

Programme Title: CKC Expo 2015

Type of Activity: Competition on

  • painting

  • Poem writing

  • Short Story /Reflection WritingEXPO 2015

Themes: “Today Conscious Kids … Tomorrow Conscious World” 

Reflection on: Eritrean Culture, Future growth, Consciousness, Eritrea’s and Eritrean’s Contribution to the Global Peace and well-being.

Language (Media of Performance):  English

The purpose of this programme is to express the culture and beauty of Eritrea and its people to the outside world.

The prizes given to Winners include:

  • Laptops (if budget allows)
  • Tablets (if budget allows)
  • Digital Technology tools
  • Books 
  • And Special gifts for top 30 participants 

Deadline: August 31, 2015

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