Creative Works of Ceramics

All in a sudden WE were connected. From then onward our Hearts became united. Although geographically separated, we have never been apart. Right now my heart is feeling your feelings, your heart is feeling my feelings. In fact, our feelings are the same. United we are sensing the cosmos. Together, we are in a cosmic adventure. Yes, I know we are missing each other, yet using the ultimate potential of human consciousness, we remain connected. Surprisingly our connection is much faster, much reliable and much secure than the connection that I am using to share this letter to the rest of the world. Our connection is provided and secured by the Ultimate Everything and its scope is cosmic in its nature. Yes, we are connected and united truly by the Ultimate TRUTH.

My SWEETSALI, I didn’t forget greetings. After all the purpose of this letter is to do so. We are greeting each other, greeting to the world and we are greeting to the cosmos through this historic letter. Nevertheless, this is a tiny, unnoticeable reflection of what our cosmic greeting is. By cosmic truth and beauty, which are interchangeable, we are one, and no other thing or thought can bring oneness better than this. My darling, do you think the world knows that there exists a better platform for connecting, not two or three, but all the creatures? Yes, we know. But never do we intend to use this ever existing platform, the platform created when the hearts united.

Inspired to Paint