CKC Bravo Award 2015 - New Year Event

Competition: Painting, Poem and Short story Writing

By the occasion of the New Year, 2015, we would like to introduce a new participatory programme. The mission of this new programme is to create a participatory environment where kids and the other members of our society would participate in share their knowledge in the CKC column and win different prizes.

Prospective participants are expected and will be guided to compete on – Reflections, Short stories, Poems, Dreams and Advices so as to better motivate and inspire kids to read, learn and reflect.

Conscious Teacher

One day I will be a great teacher. That is what I dream. Now I am a student. My classroom is the world and my teacher is the universe. As you can see my ultimate dream is to be a great, great teacher. I will be a teacher who can influence the imagination of one million students with in a time slice of one minute. Then, I will be a Conscious Teacher who can productively communicate with his students in every second. Dear kids, are you going to accompany me to reach my big dream? I hope so. So let’s communicate.

Rivers of Consciousness: Ocean of Prosperity

Learning is developmental, progressive and continuous in nature. We make sense of our world by perceiving, assimilating, and accommodating new information, gained from formal education and/or from informal education like reading extra-curricular books, following Medias, surfing the Internet or from a talk with a friend.