The Light That Not Only Gives Insight but Also Transforms - PART II

Republished from Rivers of Consciousness, Last Modified: Friday, January 5, 2017: I remember myself when I got puzzled, frustrated and being doubtful about what my teacher told me something I did not expect. I had improved my behaviors. I had stopped making whatever loud voices in class while class was going on. I had stopped forgetting my bag anywhere. I had started doing my class-or-home-works more or less appropriately. Thanks to all the efforts put by my dedicated, committed and hardworking teachers, my transformers.


Collaboration has never being easy. Mutual work seems a bit far from us. We are unconsciously overwhelmed by the immeasurable noise infused by the corporeal business out there. Trying to cope with the fast moving individualism we miss the big target – that is the essence of being human beings. There are few if not none, who stand by and try to uplift to those who are left behind. Knowingly or unknowingly we are immersed into a continuously overshadowing culture of individualism.

The Journey to Self Proof

Republished from Rivers of Consciousness, Last edited on Saturday, December 31, 2016Ever since I was a little girl I had a dream of making change, back then when little did I know about the word ‘change’ itself. Even though I was too young to analyze a way on how I should make it and transform myself.

Education: The Light That Not Only Gives Insight but Also Transforms - PART 1

Republished from Rivers of Consciousness, Last Modified: Friday, December 30, 2016:  I always believe that nothing is impossible and life is a store of opportunities. However, I never thought this kind of opportunity would come this soon and this way; the opportunity to be doing what I am doing right now. I am writing, like what I have been doing all my life through. Exactly like what you all dear readers have been doing, I have been writing on the pages of the book of life every unit of time since my birth. We call these records experiences.

We Are Still In the Making Process

History tells us that we humans were created or the other way round evolved longtime ago. Irrespective of the reality that we have been here for a long period of time, our creation process is not still over. So far as we remain disunited we haven’t achieved the complete instance of ourselves. We are still in the process of creation. I am convinced that we are on the making. Leaving the fact of creation or evolution aside, which have no importance for our dialogue here, we humans know for sure that being human is something unique.

Experiencing Generations of History and Art at National Museum of China, Beijing

Seated by the side of a wide window in a Chinese Outline classroom, in the fourth floor of the Graduate Building, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), I was passionately watching the beautiful campus scenery and the historic buildings of Beijing very far to the north of the campus. At the same time, being fascinated by the falling yellow leaves of the high standing trees beside me, which signal the arrival of winter, I was struggling with myself to bring back my attention to the classroom lecture.

A Bit from the Heartbeat

All in a sudden WE were connected. From then onward our Hearts became united. Although geographically separated, we have never been apart. Right now my heart is feeling your feelings, your heart is feeling my feelings. In fact, our feelings are the same. United we are sensing the cosmos. Together, we are in a cosmic adventure. Yes, I know we are missing each other, yet using the ultimate potential of human consciousness, we remain connected.