Global Cultural Genocide - Part 2

Slavery is said to be entirely abolished in the twentieth century. However, that is far from true, because what I see is slavery in its newest form. It still exists to this moment and will continue until God knows when. The people, who are worshiping the Western world, are becoming the slaves of those countries that are playing a role in the ‘corporatocracy’. They are letting their lives become dependent on those particular societies. They have thrown away their cultures and their true identities to follow those of others.

Global Cultural Genocide - Part I

This century that we are living in symbolizes globalization and modernization. It is an era where culture exists only in the dictionary. The kind of culture that I am talking about is the culture which is described as the basic and initial pattern that includes people’s beliefs, rules of behavior, language, rituals, art, styles of dress, ways of producing and cooking food, religion, and political and economic systems since time immemorial. I believe that culture can be viewed in two different manners. The first one is the one that I just mentioned and the second manner of viewing it is as the new ways of practicing the notions mentioned above. These new ways may result from the changes that people learn or create through time, and in the end these changes are practiced so often that they become the pattern of life.


No matter

What others talk about me


How they judge me


How they see me

I am always me

And that's all I can be!

How long should I try to straighten things

Worrying about rumors

Those never give sense

Trying to reveal my deeds

To assure my innocence

That does it!! Let me just go with myself

I am free and I want to live my life…

I am fed up listening

People’s validations

As they are ceaseless

Like the streams


I ran into this friend of mine the other day and he had me talking about life and age and one question led to another and he ended up asking me if I would wanna live till I was a hundred. My first reaction, I believe like most people, was ‘yeah, I’d like to see myself hit a century!’ But later that very question led me to ponder deeper on how it really should be when it came to ‘living’. ‘To live’ as a concept has long been given a lot of definitions. Its literal meaning goes more or less to continue to be alive or have life.

ኣምላኽ ኣይፈቐዶን

ኣንቲ ጸሓየይ፣ ኣንቲ ምብራቓ ልበይ

ኣንቲ ሕልመይ፣ ሕመረት ሓሳበይ

ኣንቲ መዝሙር ልበይ፣ ብምልኣት ዝውድሳ

ኣንቲ ዓዳሚት ስቓየይ፣ እናነባዕኩ ዝወቕሳ

ኣንቲ ብሞጎስ ዝሓስባ፣ ዘልዕላ ብኽብሪ

ኣንቲ ብዕጫይ ዝኸሳ፣ ብቕትለት ንጹሕ ፍቕሪ

ኣንቲ ናይ ህይወተይ ህያብ፣ ኣንቲ ለዋህ ፍጥረት

ኣንቲ ወጽዓይ፣ ልበይ ዝሰበረት

ኣንቲ ዘይትክኣ፣ ንዘልኣለም ዝፈትዋ

ኣንቲ ዘይድህስሳ፣ ኣብ ሰማይ ልበይ ዘማዕድዋ

ጋህዲ ሕልሚ ፍቕሪ ብንጽሑ

ስግንጢር ባህሪ ዓለም ብጉሉሑ

ኣላሊኺ ንድንግል ልበይ

ከምዘይከድኪ ራሕሪሕክኒ በይነይ

ኣይንዓይ ኣይንዓኺ

ሕጂ ሰንፈላል ትስርሒ እንታይ ኮንኪ ኢኺ?


In a certain occasion

You took my heart innocent and virgin

You might not believe

But I am falling in love

Rather a pretty girl

So smart, wise as well

Uninvited though to this deal

In the depth of my heart

You imprinted your seal

I believe

When we equally love

We strive

To have more of what we have

To the one and only LOVE.

Day in day out

At Some Point In Your Life You Had This View of Education – But It Was A Misconception

Of all the vast resources on this world, the human mind is the most valuable resource that has to be utilized effectively. After all, no human mind is valueless. It is our approach and commitment towards utilizing our mind that makes the difference. A reflection of what our mind perceives really matters a lot. This way what we learn acquires meaning in the adventures we make during our life.